Hi, my name is David Walker.
I live in Greenville, SC.

I make music under the name Dables
of which I will post about here.

If you want to just read about Dables music related stuff, it's all buried in this blog, so you'll have to dig through all my random posts, or just search the tags for "dables" but you'll miss a lot of awesome cat pictures if you do that!

Yes, I also post whatever else I feel like,
usually some stupid shit.

ok i love you.


Dables acoustic set 3-3-13, played with Co. and Mason Jar Menagerie at The Radio Room in Greenville, SC.

The Size of The Moon (from upcoming 2013 album Utterly Pointless)
Negative Superman (from 2012 Dables)
Frank (Ween cover)
She Fucks Me (Ween cover)
Falling Apart (from Utterly Pointless)
Don’t Worry, I’m in Heaven Now (from Utterly Pointless)
Willow Garden (from The Couch Family)
Love Will Rise Above/Earth Angel (from 2009 14 Songs)

download some Dables tunes at www.dables.bandcamp.com
ya boi